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Who we are? 

We have nearly 40 years of combined experience in machining, and insight for the production of our medical products to treat a variety of injuries and conditions in medical sector. 

We fulfill the requirements of ISO 13485 and manufacturing of medi-cal implants (Veterinary, Spine&Trauma Solutions).

• 100% Titanium Plates and Screws

• Sturdy Screwdriver bits are made of quality stainless steel

• Carefully engineered sets, implants and instruments

Our company regularly trains appropriate Team Members on its legal and ethical obligations and MishaVet`s policies and procedures related to marketing and promotional activities related to MishaVet’s products.

We regularly review and update our training programs as needed.

Our goal

Our main goal is to do our best to satisfy every customer who benefits of our products and services. We aim to do that by providing them timely, useful, and the best solutions

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