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Phenix Spinal Polaxial Screw Set

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  • Various types of disease can affect a small animal's spine.

  • The purpose of spinal fixation is to restore and maintain disc space height and to increase the stability of the operated segment

  • 'Spinal fusion' takes several vertebrae that were once articulating separately (but are now damaged) and joins them together to form one continuous structure

  • Although this results in varying degrees of lost mobility for the dog, it does increase the stability of the spine overall. This can correct a multitude of issues such as pain and immobility and provide the small animal with a better quality of life

  • The system is a comprehensive solution for posterior thoracolumbar surgical cases and widely used for the treatment of scoliosis, deformity and degenerative disc disease pathologies.

  • Phenix Spinal Set offers:

      - Low profile system

      - Easy lock system

      - Cylindrical feature Self-Tapping 

      - 40°-52° with Poly-axial screws

      - Implantable pedicle screws as a Monoaxial and Polyaxial                   Screws

      - Designed to minimize soft tissue interaction

      - Excellent anchoring stability of the implant guaranties                           lasting safety.

  • Portable, only 7,20 kg, with dimensions: 535x245x130mm

3.0 TTA Cage

Polyaxial Screw Set.png

4.5 TTA Cage

Spinal Set el aletleri 4.png
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