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Tracy Set

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  • For a small animals, breed or older ones, TTA (Tuberositas Tibia Advancement) is the easiest and the most preferred method among the extra capsular methods

  • TTA Set is created to provide surgeons with real benefits to reduce iatrogenic damage to the bone, lower the risk of infection, speed the incorporation of the implant into the bone, ease pes anserinus reconstruction, reduce start-up, carrying and overall costs, shorten surgery time, and deliver consistent execution with predictable outcomes.

  • All the most needed large size cages from 3.0mm to 15.0mm are available in the TTA set. TTA set contains screwdriver, drill, plates, cages, saw guide, separator to open the bone without breaking, and spacer that is required to intervene in patellar luxation together with cruciate ligament rupture

  • Portable, only 2,90 kg, with dimensions: 262x170x49 mm

Adsız Proje 2.png

3.0 TTA Cage

3 mm.png

6.0 TTA Cage


9.0 TTA Cage


12.0 TTA Cage


15.0 TTA Cage

15 mm.png



4.5 TTA Cage

4,5 mm.png

7.5 TTA Cage

7,5 mm.png

10.5 TTA Cage


13.5 TTA Cage

13,5 mm.png

TTA Plate, R/L


2.0/2.4/2.7 Non-Locking Screw

3,5 kilitsiz.png
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