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Iowa Orthopaedic Instruments Set

Helping you find your solutions

  • Various types of instruments for orthopedic surgeries

  • All instruments are made of high-quality stainless steel materials with adjustable angle to speed up recovery

  • Set compromises almost all necessity instruments for your convenience that is very complete set for performing orthopedic surgeries

  • High quality, hand-crafted instrumentation that meets the surgeon’s requirements

  • Orthopedic instruments conform to the highest standards of precision and reliability, consistency of pattern and lasting value.

  • Portable, only 6,40 kg, with dimensions: 535x245x130mm

Set (3).png

3.0 TTA Cage

I Handle Q.C. turuncu.png

6.0 TTA Cage

t6 Q.C..png

9.0 TTA Cage

large reduction forceps with point(düzenlenmiş).png

12.0 TTA Cage

weitlander retractor(düzenlenmiş).png

4.5 TTA Cage

dill guide 3.5.png

7.5 TTA Cage

depth gauge.png

10.5 TTA Cage

small self centering bone holding forceps.png

13.5 TTA Cage

plate cutter.png
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