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Macy Set

Helping you find your solutions

  • Especially created for breed dogs and cats, but not limited to

  • Pre-contoured anatomical design

  • Locking(Ø1.9&Ø2.0mm) and Non Locking Cortical Screws(Ø2.0mm)

  • Plate thickness 1.2 - 2.0 mm

  • Variable locking T plate up to ±12°

  • Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis (MIPO) plate option Titanium Alloy(Ti6Al4V, Gr.5) material, same with human material and process

  • Left & right plate variation for anatomical match

  • Limited contact shape for better osteointegration

  • Different colored products for easy separation&usage

  • Various plate shapes

  • Portable, only 1,40 kg, with dimensions: 228x143x31 mm

Mishavet mini set 2.png

Supracondylar Long Plate, L/R

Supracondylar Long Plate.png

T Combi-hole Plate

T Combiholl Plate.png

L Plate

L Plate.png

Reconstruction Cuttable Plate

Reconstruction Cuttable Plate 1,0mm.png

MIPO Plate

MIPO Plate.png

Acetabular Plate

Acetabular Plate.png

2.0 Locking Cortical Screw

2,0 kilitli.png

Supracondylar Short Plate, L/R

Supracondylar Short Plate.png

LC Combi-hole Plate


Tubular Plate

Tubular Plate.png

Reconstruction Plate

Reconstruction Plate 1,5mm.png

T Plate

T Plate.png

1.9 Locking Cortical Screw

1,9 kilitli.png

2.0 Non Locking Cortical Screw

2,0 kilitsiz.png
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